Non-Toxic Cancer Immunotherapy

Achieves Long-Term Remission of Advanced and Therapy Resistant Cancers

When it comes to treatment resistant cancer, there are still good and effective choices.

We Specialize in the Treatment of Advanced Cancers

We treat advanced cancers of all kinds, which no longer respond to conventional treatment protocols.

We have a history of long-term remissions

We have many years of experience and a very long track record of patient treatment with statistics, testimonials, and over 40 video testimonials.

We offer Inpatient treatment programs

Individualized programs offering Dendritic Cell Therapy, Cytokine, LAK Cell, and NK Cell Cancer Therapies are provided from our inpatient facilities.

About Our Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a complex disease That requires a comprehensive approach, which we have developed through many years of extensive clinical experience.

Over 60 Years of Cancer Treatment Expertise

We believe it is our unique system of testing and evaluation, fine-tuned, and expanded over all this time, which allows us to personalize our treatment programs to an extent that was not possible before. Our unique expertise has enabled us to recognize and repair damage to the body's complex immune and regulatory mechanisms to an unusual depth that has resulted in the positive responses of otherwise therapy-resistant cancers.

Treatment programs offering Dendritic Cell therapy, Cytokine, LAK Cell, and NK Cell Cancer Therapies are provided from our inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Some of the specialized cancer treatments we offer are:

Autologous Dendritic Cell Cancer Treatment – Dendritic cells are key regulators of immune responses and orchestrate innate and adaptive immunities. They are the most potent antigen-presenting cells and have the potential to invoke an anti-tumor immune response. The treatment is cultured from the patient's own peripheral monocytes in the presence of a recombinant growth factor, special cytokines and the patient's own tumor antigens. These items are then fractionated into peptides in order to achieve a more specific immune response.

Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells – Also known as LAK Cells. These cells are autologous lymphocytes, or T-cells that in the presence of Interleukin-2 are expanded and activated to destroy cancer cells.

Activated Natural Killer Cells – Also known as NK Cells. NK Cells are autologous natural killer cells, a type of lymphocytes of the innate immune system that in the presence of Interleukin-21 and special cytokines are expanded and activated to destroy cancer cells.

Follow Up After Your Treatment

We work with experts in all medical fields based on the individual patient's needs. We continue our follow up with you even after you have left our facility and work with your local physicians to continue your care as needed.


Patients have experienced long term remission. Read what they have said about our proprietary non-toxic immunotherapy cancer treatment.

"I was diagnosed with small cell carcinoma, lung cancer. I went through the normal treatments with more than 18 chemo treatments. I had chest radiation, and brain radiation. I was feeling very, very sick. The oncologist said I should go on maintenance chemo. I made a decision right then that I would try alternative medicine. I decided to go to the Difficult Decisions owned clinic. The first week I was there, I felt 1,000% better. In 3 weeks, the small recurrent tumor was gone! My regular oncologist could not believe my results. Even with numerous CT Scans through my regular oncologist, the tumor stayed to be gone. I have now been in remission for 15 years. I think that this treatment saved my life." - Jim G., Small Cell Carcinoma

"I am a single mom and was diagnosed with breast cancer. After aggressive treatment, my cancer spread to my lungs. I was told that the medication I was on over time would become ineffective. I wasn't happy with that. I thought there has to be a lot more to cancer treatment than this. I wanted to find a place where I could be treated with all the immunotherapy treatments under one roof. I came to the Difficult Decisions owned clinic and it was the best move I have made in many, many ways. I was treated holistically; in mind, body, and spirit which was what I needed and yearned for. I responded extremely well to the treatment. ..The benefits were very good for me. I have found the whole experience to be wonderful. I have been in remission for more than 10 years." - Jacinta M., Breast Cancer with Lung Cancer Metastases

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Please ask one of our patient care representatives for a link to more than 40 video testimonials and recent patient testimonials. There is no obligation as we are happy to share our patient results with you as you evaluate your own options.


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